The Power of Negotiation

Our professional multidisciplinary team and associate firms, permit us to offer coordinated and comprehensive advise to each client in criminal, economical and immigration matters.

Our professional independence allows us to work with other law firms and consultants in a coordinated manner.

Below we offer you a step by step guide of the process of negotiation, with the ultimate goal of reducing sentences and freedom. Negotiation is key for any person facing extradition and sentencing, this is an area where Mr. Nelson Alfaro excels and succeeds.

Why negotiate

When a Defendant faces a criminal charge, sometimes there's only one goal which is to minimize the possible sanction. The negotiation is by far the best way to avoid a long jail term and other sanctions. Besides, going to trial is risky as it's impossible to predict the jury's verdict, as a consequence many defendants choose to enter a plea bargain with the Prosecutor.


What is the negotiation?

A plea bargain is an agreement between the Prosecutor and the Defendant. By means of the attorney, the Prosecutor provides the Defendant the opportunity to declare guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence to the original charge. In its war against international drug trafficking, the U.S. government and prosecutors will always strive to impose the maximum possible sentences as exemplary.

There are many factors which determine the possible outcome of a plea bargain. It is precisely in the negotiation where Mr Alfaro excels and exceeds the expectations of his clients, achieving important reductions in cases with more than 30 years sentence.


How does the negotiation benefit you?

For the Defendant, the most significant benefit of the plea bargain is to leave behind the uncertainties of a criminal proceeding and avoid the maximum sentence which can vary between a sentence of 40 years and life imprisonment. In fact, voluntary submission opens the possibility of receiving a sentence of around 10 years.


What occurs when an agreement is reached?


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